Welcome to VDL Special Vehicles

VDL Special Vehicles is a specialist in the field of battery electric and hydrogen solutions for on- and off-road vehicles. As a contract manufacturer, we provide production capacity for small to medium-sized series of (parts of) zero-emission vehicles. In addition, we can also support in areas such as product development, prototyping, and certification of zero-emission drivelines, up to the extent of fully developing an alternative driveline for your application...

VDL Special Vehicles enables its customers to Offer vehicle solutions that make the world a cleaner place

Our background lies in the development and production of chassis for buses and coaches in a variety of applications. It is because of this experience that we started developing zero-emission drivelines more than 20 years ago. This knowledge and experience have been used over the past two decades to develop various hydrogen and battery-electric solutions for medium and heavy road vehicles such as buses and trucks.

Our engineering team is capable of integrating these and other solutions into existing third-party vehicles. Examples include construction, agricultural, port, or airport equipment. In addition, as a contract manufacturer, we offer third parties the opportunity to have their zero-emission vehicles produced in our facilities.

We believe in long-term relationships and like to think along with our customers at an early stage to create the best possible solution. VDL Special Vehicles employs creative people who know a solution for every challenge.

VDL Special Vehicles is part of the international, industrial family business VDL Groep. 

24000 m2
Production surface area
79.5 million