VDL Special Vehicles in Eindhoven is the specialist in the field of emission-free solutions for the medium and heavy vehicle segment. With 150 employees, we at VDL Special Vehicles focus on special heavy duty vehicles such as the electric truck from our location in Eindhoven. Design, development, implementation and manufacturing of chassis and drivelines for heavy duty vehicles as well as manufacturing complete vehicles for third parties and manufacturing of defence vehicles. VDL has the ambition to become one of the top contract manufacturers in the field of zero-emission drivelines for medium to heavy duty vehicles.

Driven by sustainability, through innovation we are always looking for better and/or cleaner ways to make heavy vehicles, on- and off road, ready for the future. Together with the customer we look at the specifications of the vehicle and based on these specifications we take care of the production of the vehicle. Throughout the process, we work intensively with the customer. We consider a long-term relationship hell important and we act accordingly. Because we really listen to our partners we can define and recognize problems and based on that we build the solution without being stuck in prejudices and known "boxes".