The market demand for environmentally friendly solutions is increasing. Customers demand zero-emission solutions to continue their business in a responsible manner. VDL Special Vehicles has all the competencies in-house to guide you through this development, ensuring a short time-to-market.

Drivelines for medium and heavy vehicles are among the core competencies of VDL Special Vehicles. The implementation of diesel drivelines goes back to the start of our company, but in the last two decades, we have implemented many hybrid, electric, and fuel cell drivelines. Did you know that we have a total of more than 200 million km of experience with emission-free drivelines?

VDL Special Vehicles cooperates with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in various industries, such as On-Road, Off-Road, Port, and Airport equipment, to develop, produce and maintain vehicles with zero-emission drivelines in various medium and heavy-duty applications. We do this by implementing proven components such as batteries, fuel cells, charging interfaces, and electric motors into existing OEM designs, so you can offer your customers a zero-emission alternative. No aftermarket retrofit, but straight off the production line, built to OEM specifications.

Our dedicated engineering team is able to integrate all necessary components into your design to protect the USPs of the product. This is done in close cooperation with your technical department. Elements such as homologation, prototyping, and testing & validation of the products can also be arranged by VDL Special Vehicles. In addition, we can also provide you with charging and off-the-grid energy solutions, so that your vehicles can do their work in any terrain.