Our core values

1. Excellent craftsmanship

Our employees are all craftsmen and women, each with their own expertise, and in order to continue to develop this craftsmanship, we actively invest in further training and development of our employees.

2. Engaged employees who come up with solutions


Our strength lies in our motivated and committed employees who know how to get things done. Our emphasis is on cooperation: together we work toward our goals. If an employee has a good idea of how to achieve those goals, we will look at that idea together and implement it.

3. Heart for technology


Our employees have a heart for technology. People who quickly make themselves indispensable through their knowledge and enthusiasm. People who continue to develop technical knowledge and insight purely out of interest.

4. Informal, direct and open working atmosphere


We have the power of a multinational company, but the culture of a real family business. VDL is known for her flat organizational culture with short lines of communication.